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Phil Crowley

Believe What You Hear

"Phil Crowley is the best VO talent I have ever worked with. He is the consummate professional, with an incredible VO talent. When I was looking for the ‘Voice’ for Shark Tank, I listened to hundreds of VO talent demos looking for the perfect one.  I needed a voice memorable that would be distinctive to our show but did not want an over-the-top, in-your-face voice that would overpower.  A “In a world where…” type read would not fit what I was envisioning.  From the moment I first heard it, Phil’s voice was perfect for Shark Tank, and the one I wanted. Phil is a master at voices.  He has an unbelievable range with his voice. He understands direction perfectly and is so good with delivering the nuances needed to capture the mood/tone of the moment; energy, somber, smile, humor, he can do it all. He has an uncanny sense of timing, he can do a read one time, be told it needs to be a fraction of a second faster, and do the second read exactly to time.  And of course, he can speak an almost unlimited number of words in a single breath!  I believe all VO talent would also be good open water divers. And Phil is a contributor, he makes suggestions on copy changes and works as part of the team, trying to create the best possible end product. It has been an honor to work with Phil these 8 seasons on Shark Tank.  A true gentleman and superbly talented individual."

-Clay Newbill, Executive Producer Shark Tank

"I have always considered Phil Crowley to be one of the most talented artists in the performing world today.  This extends from voice-over work through long-form television work and performing live on stage.  Phil is a gentleman to work with, always giving the agency (and client) what they need and always exceeding the requirements of any given role.  He always “pluses” whatever project he is working on and is always a part of the creative process, giving viewpoints that may not have been considered before and, at the same time, taking direction perfectly.   Phil’s range, from humor and, when required, his special kind of tongue-in-cheek cynicism (usually for commercials, theatrical engagements and animation) through dramatic and informational projects (revealed in his many works for The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, The Travel Channel, TNT, CNN, PBS and beyond), brings a warmth and gravitas to everything that he does.  I always think of Phil first when casting any given project, having worked with him for over a decade.  He was the primary Announcer for the Verizon-Wireless advertising that I produced over the years, in addition to many other projects that we worked on together.  He is loved by the agency and by the client.  Phil always makes me look good."

-Scott Campbell, Executive Producer/Vice President at McCann-Erickson